Commercial Photography

ETT Photography prides itself on an ability to capture images that match the essence of your brand.  Above all, it’s important that photographs on your website accurately reflect your products and services. In addition, it’s crucial that the style and content of images reflect your company ethos. Also, the photographs should show how you stand apart from competitors and why customers should choose you. Finally, the images should generate a level of trust in your business. For example, by seeing an image of you in your workplace, the customer can get a sense of who they are dealing with, before they do business with you.

ETT Photography provides you with a Commercial Photography service that supports you in carefully deciding what images to use and then crafts them to fit your company.

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ETT Photography works with a variety of types of businesses in Norwich and throughout East Anglia. businesses ETT Photography works with, look at some previous images created for some local businesses in Norwich. Below are some companies ETT Photography has worked with to support their marketing campaigns and help to grow their businesses.

Photographing Windows: Commercial Photography for Broadland Windows

The brief from Broadland Windows was to create images that would showcase the quality of the windows. Also, they wanted to show the variety of architectural styles that their bespoke fitting service could provide. ETT Photography visited some impressive properties for their brochure and social media campaign.

See how Broadland Windows used their photographs on the company’s Facebook Business Page here.

Photographing Dancers: Photographing Dance Lessons for Floorcraft

Floorcraft asked ETT Photography to create some images of the group practicing their dance routines. This was to increase awareness of their classes to local people via social media. The idea was to attract new members and encourage local people to join the group. ETT Photography was then asked back to shoot a full dress rehearsal of the dancers ahead of a competition at the Blackpool Arena. The costumes were breathtaking and so was the dancing!

Photographing Jewellery: Matching the ethos of the brand with One of a Kind Club

One of a Kind Club makes contemporary, fun jewellery ‘designed to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality’. Importantly, the owner and designer, Carol Robinson, wanted to ensure that the website images mirrored this philosophy. Collaboration was also a key ingredient for this photoshoot. ETT Photography has a network of amazing models who helped us. This gave the images a real edge and brought the jewellery to life. Carol added the final touch by commissioning an outstanding make-up artist, Lina Halberg.

See One of a Kind Club’s website page here.

You may be a business owner with a great website. However, you may be conscious it doesn’t have a ‘wow’ factor. A single photograph can often change this if selected carefully.

If so, contact ETT Photography for a review of your website images here.

Note: ETT Photography offers businesses a no-obligation review of their website. This can be carried out off-line or on-line reviewing each page of the website via ‘Zoom’. Furthermore, ETT Photography will work with your current web-developer and marketing consultant if you have one to ensure a smooth implementation.