My first experience as a supplier at BRIDE The Wedding Show 2020

Catwalk show at BRIDE the Wedding Show

Wow, well what a weekend of fun and laughs at BRIDE the Wedding Show 2020 at the showground in Easton, Norfolk

A huge thank you to all the beautiful brides to be especially @chloemaedunnell (pictured here). These brides consented to have their photographs taken against my beautiful backdrop. I can highly recommend the designer and prop supplier who created this bespoke item; Amy Kearton, from Vintage Silk.  

I have learnt so much over the last few days about the process of preparing for and staging a stand at a major regional wedding fair. I hope these tips from my Wedding Show 2020, will help if you thinking about showcasing your business at a show:-

Your stand

  • Check your solid 8-foot backdrop fits into your partner’s van BEFORE the day of the show.
  • Be as close as possible to the nearest ‘The Range’. This is essential for last-minute purchases. I did 3 trips in total during my set up!
  • Look at stand accessories you’re buying in daylight, rather than shop strip/spotlights. Colours change radically under different lights.
  • Don’t try and rig up anything that looks poor quality just to save money. Your stand should reflect your business brand and that should also be good quality.
  • Take someone along for toilet trips and food pitstops… 6 hours is a long time to stand with your legs crossed with your mouth open like a baby bird.

Make a good impression

  • Network and make friends ESPECIALLY with people in the same business as you. Invite collaborations and suggest teamwork and you never know where it will lead. This weekend I met six business owners and worked on ideas for promotional photoshoots that we can jointly benefit from.
  • You remember the grumpy stand owners just as well as the lovely ones, suppliers can be customers too!
  • When faced with 16 other photographers “in competition” at the same fair, think, what makes you different to them? What sort of customer do you want to attract? Chat to all customers on an equal footing; not just the bride, but friends and relations of the bride. Even if the bride has already booked their photographer, their friend may be getting married next year!

Enjoy the experience

  • DON’T miss the catwalk show… those boys can dance!
  • Don’t book ANYTHING for the day after a full weekend wedding show. Unless it’s an hour in a hot tub followed by a massage, glass of wine in hand.

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