Interactive photography lessons on-line for children

Composing using triangles for online photography lesson

Would you like some home-schooling help?  Is your child interested in photography? Does your child prefer to learn by asking questions rather than watching videos? If the answer to all these questions is YES, then that’s excellent news because here at ETT Photography I am offering on-line interactive photography lessons for children and young people using the ZOOM meeting internet software. (Download here at

Firstly, let’s summarise how these interactive photography lessons will work

ETT Photography will design lessons to suit your child’s age, interests and ability. We will design exercises on the assumption that the child is part of a family who is self-isolating. Therefore, each challenge will involve staying within the confines of the family home. We can extend this during the planning to the garden or other outside space if this is possible.  

You can sit alongside your child during the online lessons to oversee the learning and help them feel comfortable. Lessons can be 121 or with a number of children living at the same address. This home-schooling help is aimed at extending your child’s knowledge and giving you, the parents, some support.

Secondly, what equipment will be needed?

Your child will need to have access to a camera which takes digital images. This can include a mobile phone or a camera (mirrorless or DSLR). Remember, the more basic the camera is, the easier it will be for him or her to use. Your child will be able to focus on the final image they are creating. This is definitely more fun than understanding what each and every button and dial does!

If they can use your laptop or have their own, then that’s also a benefit, but it’s not essential.

There is no requirement for editing software unless your child has a specific interest in using this.

Thirdly, what will the interactive photography lessons consist of?

As part of each lesson, we will try out different photographic techniques. We will create images of various subjects or objects around the home and garden. We can look at images by some famous photographers.

I will explain how to compose photographs. We will look at using colour in images. Also, if your child is interested, we will explore more technical areas such as ISO, aperture settings, editing software.

Above all, the lesson will be fun, active and informative.

Finally, what other benefits are there for your child?

Children will be encouraged to submit some of their favourite photographs for a collage I will be designing. This will celebrate how children have played their part in the fight against the virus and shown bravery and determination. 

I will be asking WEX to help us share this collage online. It will serve as a testament to how talented, creative and inspiring our young people are.

So what are you waiting for?

Try ETT Photography’s on-line interactive photography lessons and get your child booked for their first lesson now. Use some home-schooling help for a break for you!

Email to book a time to discuss your child’s learning needs. Alternatively contact me on this website.

Stay safe and keep on learning together!