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Marry Dogget
Mary Doggett – owner/photographer at ETT Photography

It may be a bit of a cliché, but it’s certainly true in my case – photography has been part of my life since my early teenage years and it’s been an enduring love affair since then…

It was my inspirational mum, Molly, pictured below with her ‘Box Brownie’, who patiently taught me aperture settings, composition and use of colour, all using a basic manual SLR camera back in the old days of film photography.  

I found my hobby exciting and relaxing in equal measure and for someone blindingly inadequate at art in school, it gave me an opportunity to create something beautiful, or at least I thought so….

Like so many other people, I never thought I could be lucky enough to work at what was becoming increasingly, my passion.

Photography is amazing. Forgetting the obvious benefit of capturing frozen moments in time and keeping memories alive, it gives me a licence to speak to complete strangers, to learn about other cultures at first hand, and to interact with people everywhere all over the world – pointing and ‘chimping’ at the back of my camera, sometimes needing to top up the conversation with some silly sign language …. it was this travel photography that really got me hooked. India in particular, was my ‘Eureka’ moment…

Travel Photographyin India

So, I sold some travel images to photography stock libraries, I did some weddings in my spare time and all of a sudden it really did hit me that becoming a professional was within my reach.  I studied for a Photography degree with the Open College of the Arts, completing a number of modules and enjoying stretching into challenging genres including self-portraiture…  Then life as it often does, twisted and turned and gave me the opportunity to do what I have loved for so long, and I left the NHS after 10 years’ service to become a professional photographer.

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